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Yes, many of the traditional markets have disappeared over the last few years but
new ones have opened up and there are still plenty of opportunities to get your
work read, evaluated and published.

The number of magazines still publishing short fiction has declined and itís a hard
market to break into, but it can be done. Multi-Story brings you advice on how to
succeed from published writers and editors.

E-zines and themed anthologies offer new chances to be published both on-line
and in print. The advent of the e-book means it is now easy, and free, to make
your work available to readers throughout the world. Promotion is the key to
success on this platform and weíll be looking at how to make Kindle Shorts work
for you.

Writing competitions are more popular than ever with worthwhile prizes available,
including publication. From two hundred and fifty words to five thousand they are
an exciting way to pit your skills against other writers and achieve exposure for
your work. Competition success has created new opportunities for many writers
including offers of representation. We bring you details of the best ones around,
and advice on how to improve your short story writing skills so you have the best
chance possible of creating a winning entry. Donít forget to check out our own
competition detailed below.

At our Guest Spot you will find interviews with, and articles by, publishing
professionals. The Links page will take you to many interesting sites for writers of
all genres, and we welcome your input at Have Your Say. Use the links in the left-
hand sidebar to view some of our favourite products and services.

Whether you are new to writing, building on past success or short fiction is only
one string of your writing bow, our aim is to provide help and inspiration.

The short story is alive and kicking!
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Advice on improving your writing by ghostwriter,
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Diary Of A Terry Pratchett
First Novel Award Winner

Michael Loganís novel Apocalypse Cow is now internationally published. Read
his account of the journey from competition winner to debut novelist. Read
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Writing Competitions. Ways to help improve your chances of success.

Full results for our flash fiction competition are now available here.


We are delighted to
welcome the
internationally best-
selling author and
screenwriter John
Originality is what will impress him. He says:
'Tell me a story. And to make it a tall order: tell
me a story I haven't heard before.'